Xero – a beautiful cloud accounting software

xero-online-accountingXero Certified Advisor

Are you still using old desktop accounting software or using Microsoft Excel Spread Sheets to do the bookkeeping? Or still manually doing the backup daily or so frustrated to importing and exporting data file to your accountants at the year end?  Or if you’re thinking of starting to use one, Xero is the one – a beautifully cloud accounting software. Here is why we like it:

 1. Data files are gone! Xero is cloud based software and doesn’t require you to send a large data file to your accountant. With literally the click of a button you can give your accountant access to your file and thats it, done.

2. Real time accounting and cashflow. Xero updates transactions from your bank account daily. This makes it easy to keep your accounts up to date and keep an eye on how your business is performing.

3. Data entry so easy. Xero can import transactions directly from your bank. Tapping away on your computer to enter the data manually becomes a thing of the past. Whats even better is that Xero learns from you and starts to offer suggestions for the data entry.

4. Access from anywhere and any devices. You can access anywhere around the world as long as you have a internet access and a web browser. There is also a handy App available to quickly and easily access your file. You don’t have to be stuck in the office, you can manage your business from anywhere. You can manage expenses claim on the go and file the receipts into the system straight way.

5. Easier communication with your accountants. Xero makes communication easier. Its that simple. If you’re stuck on something, give us a call and we can log in and see exactly what you’re talking about.

6. The single ledger and a better decision. With Xero there is only one file. Any changes we make are prepared within Xero so your accounts are always up to date. We can keep an eye on your business performance, work with you on KPI and bench mark and easily access the file to help with any advice you might require.

7. Online document filing. Xero helps keeping your records easy. Paperless office will be reality. How many times have you looked at your receipts after a time to find they’ve turned black, faded completely or you’ve simply lost them. With Xero you can scan or simply take a photo of your expenses and attach it to the entry in Xero. Your records are now available if you ever have an audit or need to track down a copy of a receipt.

8. Unlimited users and free support. Xero allows unlimited users to access the system. Xero has an extensive library of information and Xero TV available online. If you still cant find what you’re looking for, they offer free online support via email.

9. Xero online bank recon, invoicing, quoting and ecosystem . There are over 300 add-on partners allows you to create an fantastic custom solution to run your business, previously only achievable by using expensive enterprise level software. Manage all aspects of your business by integrating applications with Xero. latest, inventory management, online quoting, online invoicing & job systems, plus a wide range of other specialized software.

10. Online payroll, super stream with ATO compliance. Xero provides automatic calculations for payroll, PAYG withholding, super. it provides employee portal that employees can print pay slips, payment summaries, request leave. Xeor has met the ATO Super stream requirement (for small business whose employees less than 19, requires from 1 July 2015) which can automatically make super payments directly.

11. Evolution. Xero just keeps getting better and better. They have a rapid roll out and on average will upgrade their product every 6 weeks or so. Best of all you don’t need to do anything to install the upgrades or do back up. Just login and its all done for you. Xero has a completed secure data, even if computer is lost or stolen.



GJ Solutions is a Xero certified adviser and business partner. Please contact us to arrange a free consulting session or a demo or visit Xero.com